In the 1960's, a group of neighbors came together to form the Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors (P.H.A.N.) to celebrate and preserve the character of our neighborhood.  P.H.A.N. is open to all residents and businesses located in the Presidio Heights boundaries. 

P.H.A.N. is governed by a board of directors that meets regularly to discuss neighborhood matters that affect transportation, quality of life issues and new real estate developments. We host an annual all neighbor board meeting in May that is open to all Presidio Heights neighbors. View our Events page for more information on our upcoming events.

Located next to the Presidio Trust, Pacific Heights, Laurel Heights and the Inner Richmond, Presidio Heights is a neighborhood of over 800 residences and the neighborhood includes a mix of single family homes, apartment buildings and condominiums. It's also a classic neighborhood commercial district (NCD) along Sacramento Street.  The Presidio Heights neighborhood is located on the North side of California Street to Pacific Avenue and from the West side of Presidio to the East side of Arquello. 


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Presidio Heights is 55 degrees?



Back in the Day   by Bruce McKleroy, P.H.A.N. board member

Presidio Heights has been my home since the 40's, and I love to chat about neighborhood lore. From rumor to actual knowledge, I enjoy the colorful history.

Old timers may recall the convenient gas station on the corner Sacramento and Laurel (NE side) run by Manuel Gama where you could fill your bicycle tires with air or get some gasoline. Across the street on the southeast corner was a nice little neighborhood grocery store. That one was complimented by another bigger grocery store just east and mid-block on Sacramento next to the parish property of Saint Edwards Catholic Church. The church itself was on California Street and the rest of the property went through to Sacramento Street.

Some of the interesting stuff that children of that time heard about or saw were events that had police or firemen on scene. In  the 1960's, a huge sink hole collapsed into Jackson Street between Walnut and Laurel.  It was barricaded off and lit up with portable lights. But it was most interesting to peer down into the broken sewer line and see the void it created. 

Many of us know the story of the fire department visit and front page news about the children accidentally locked in a walk-in safe in a house that was being demolished in 1956. Air hoses and safe crackers were supposedly used in the rescue. 

It was big news in the early '70's when a bomb was planted and detonated at the Iranian Consul General's residence on Washington and Walnut. Dozens of windows were blown out and some homes sustained major damage. It was attributed to anti-Shah elements.

Back in the 1950's there were hardly any stop signs in the neighborhood, and drivers were required to be very aware of the car on the right getting the right of way. Another tidbit of history is that the 

Military Police, the MPs, were the local police force in the Presidio. They almost never guarded the entrance, but they did post sentries at the gates on Arguello and on Presidio Avenue during the Cuban Missile Crisis in
October 1962. 

Today the neighborhood is much safer and saner!