President's Letter

May 1st, 2017

Fellow Neighbors,

On behalf of the Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors (“PHAN”), I hope that you are enjoying a healthy and prosperous 2017. 


Welcome our California Street neighbors to PHAN.   PHAN amended its boundaries to formally include the residences on the north side of California Street in the Association. We welcome those neighbors and urge those of you who are in that group to let us know your views on the issues facing our beloved neighborhood as discussed below or in any respect not addressed below.

Upcoming Neighborhood Events. The following events are coming soon in our neighborhood:

PHAN Neighborhood Picnic at Clay Street Playground: Sunday, May 7th from noon to 3PM. Free tacos, firetruck and face painting. Come meet your neighbors!

Sacramento Merchants Street Sidewalk Sale: May 20th. 10-6       Broderick to Spruce St.                  In conjunction with SF Small Business Week. Neighborhood shopping districts are given a blanket permit to allow stores sidewalk space to sell and how their products.   Sacramento Street Merchants like to do their way and make it into a fun day to visit Sacramento St.  From Sue Fisher King to The Ribbonerie.   (Broderick to Spruce) 

PHAN Annual Meeting: May 23rd, 2017     7PM - 9PM   Presidio Golf and Concordia Club.

2017 PHAN Dues:  We appreciate your payment of the annual dues as the only source of revenue to assist us in serving the neighborhood.  $40.

Mailing list for e-newsletters:  Please provide an updated email address so that we can communicate quickly and cost effectively.    If you have already paid dues for 2017.  We thank you for your support!


PHAN’s Board’s Ongoing Focus on the Two Major Redevelopment Projects

In 2016, the PHAN Board continued tracking two major redevelopment projects:  1.) the California Street campus of CPMC at 3700 California Street and 2)  Laurel Hill campus of UCSF at 3333 California Street. Both of these redevelopment projects will be taking place at about the same time over  a two to three year period beginning around 2020.  When completed, they will add between 800 and 900 residential units (apartments and homes) to our neighborhood. These two projects will alter the look and feel of our neighborhood so it is important that we add our input to the development process and guide the ultimate outcome to something that we can live with and be proud of. 

Both developers have proactively engaged with the community as they are developing their plans. This is frankly not typical for commercial development projects. Representatives of the PHAN Board have participated in all community and stakeholder meetings with the developers of both projects providing critical feedback to their evolving plans.

CPMC Redevelopment (3700 California Street). The PHAN Board has concluded, after receiving a request for support from the developers and after lengthy discussion and consideration, that the plans for the CPMC site, which now reflect specific architectural designs as well as general site plans, reflect a thoughtful and high quality redevelopment of the site that is deserving of our initial support at this time. This project is at a preliminary planning stage with the Planning Department, and there remains much more work to be done by the developers in completing their plans and responding to input from the Planning Department. The PHAN Board will continue to follow closely and comment on the more specific plans for the project both as to any refinements or changes of the basic architectural design or with respect to matters such as handling traffic and parking and dealing with environmental impacts both during construction and afterwards. The current plans for this redevelopment can be found online at

UCSF Redevelopment (3333 California Street). Todate  PHAN Board has not been asked for a statement of support by the developers for the UCSF site. The plans at this point do not reflect the level of detail of conceptual architectural design that has been put forth by the developers of the CPMC site but that should be forthcoming in the coming months. The Board has expressed our concerns to the developers about issues associated with traffic and parking, height and bulk, the type of retail that might be introduced on the site and its impact on existing retail in the neighborhood, the type and uses of office space that might be introduced on the site and the final architectural design. The current plans for this redevelopment can be found online at While the PHAN Board has not been asked for and has not taken a position on the developers’ plans at this time as they are still being revised and refined, the Board has issued a statement enclosed herewith on its position regarding this project which supports continuing the ongoing dialogue with the developers about further refinements and revisions to their plans to address our concerns.

Please let us know your position on these redevelopment projects and take the time to inform yourself and your neighbors about these ultimately transformational projects that, whether we like it or not, are inevitably coming to our neighborhood with a significant number of new residential units and possible additional retail and office space.

Other Matters PHAN Is Tracking

Scoot. The Board has been receiving comments from neighbors about the presence of Scoot motorcycles on our streets. Scoots are bright red electric motorcycles that can be used by Scoot members on a pay per use basis (like ZipCar or, in New York City, Citi Bike). Information about Scoots can be found at their website, Scoot has favorable parking rights in certain city permit parking zones in our and other neighborhoods as detailed on their website pursuant to an initial pilot program with the City. There are fellow neighbors who use and rely on the Scoot service but there are also neighbors who are very inconvenienced by Scoots that have been parked in a way that blocks their ability to park a car across their driveway or otherwise occupies usable parking. The Board has conveyed our concern about the Scoot program as it presently is working to the City and the Company. 

Residential Parking Permits. In conjunction with discussions with the City about Scoot, we have learned that the City is studying the residential parking permit program generally which may lead to changes in the program. We will keep you apprised of any developments in that regard that may be of concern. 

Laurel Village Improvement Project. The SFMTA has approved plans for a capital project at Laurel Village that will involve building bulb outs for bus stops and pedestrian crossings that will take away a number of current angle parking spots. Most significantly, the eastbound California Street bus stop that is currently in front of Walgreens will be moved to in front of Starbucks as part of this improvement project. Work on the project is slated to begin in November and last for a year. Click on this link to see the DPW site for the project.

Sacramento Street Neighborhood Commercial District. PHAN is focused on the viability of Sacramento Street as a retail district that is a defining element of our neighborhood. There have been recent vacancies in the retail establishments on Sacramento Street and some of the new additions replacing these vacancies have had the character of medical services and not strictly retail. The PHAN Board feels that the neighborhood will be better served by more conventional retail offerings. Let us know your views on this important issue.

Neighborhood Security. Another important matter facing our neighborhood is an increased instance of crime and increased levels of fast through traffic on certain of our neighborhood street. We all need to be vigilant both with respect to our own home security as well as the activity in our immediate neighborhood around our neighbors’ houses and dangerous traffic activity around the neighborhood at particular times of the day. 

Please don’t hesitate to let me or any of the other PHAN directors know about issues that you feel we should be focused on and thank you for helping to make our neighborhood the jewel that it is.

We hope to see you at one or all of the May events!  and my thanks again for your continuing support of PHAN.

Bill Hudson
President, Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors