The PHAN Board of Directors elects new officers and board members at our Annual Meeting in May.  If you are interested in getting to know our board, attending a meeting or getting involved with neighborhood board leadership and issues please send us a  message or talk to one of our members. 

PHAN Board  Bill Vlahos

Your PHAN Board of Directors is comprised of approximately 25 individuals living in Presidio Heights.  The board is a diverse group of working professionals, stay at home parents, retired folks all of whom care about our special neighborhood and come together to enhance and protect the neighborhood (800 households).

Issues that we monitor and represent the neighborhood in include the UCSF and Cal Pacific Developments, Verizon antenna installations, traffic, neighborhood security as well as other topics that effect Presidio Heights.

We anticipate that we will have a few vacancies on the Board this year, so let us know if you might be interested in serving on PHAN or if you have a neighbor who might be a good candidate.  The PHAN Board meets approximately 8 times a year in the neighborhood, and there is no financial commitment. Our nominating committee will present a slate of directors for approval by our members at the PHAN Annual Meeting in May. 

Serving on the PHAN Board is a great vehicle to contribute to our special neighborhood, a super way to get to know you neighbors and is very fun!

If you are interested, please contact us at

Thank you

Bill Vlahos, Board member


PRESIDENT:                                     Charles Ferguson


Lindsay MAcDermid

Diana Horner

Board of Directors:
Jon Anderson
Dorothy Anderson
Ronald Blatman
Margaret Charnas
Elizabeth Clark
Ann Dey
Charles FErguson
Robert Friese                   Dorothy Glancy
Merel Glaubiger
John Grassi                             Andrew Homan
Diana Horner                         WIlliam Hudson
Lucy Hume Koukopoulis
Jean MAcDermid
Michael Marston
Bill Rodoni
Carol Solfanelli
Traci Teraoka
Mary Tilden
William Vlahos
Grace Won