Emergency: 911
Non-emergency:  (415) 553-0123
TIP LINE: (415) 668-7387

SFPD: Richmond Police Station
461 - 6th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 666-8000

WEEKLY CRIME BLOTTER e-mAIL:  sfpd@richmondstation.com

Crime Updates and information: 

1. Nextdoor.com - A neighborhood online bulletin board organized by subject. Classifieds, events, crime and safety are among the topics.     Neighbors use the website to share current crime and activity as as well as people posting looking for general referrals and items for sale.  Under account settings you can adjust how many updates you receive by topic.  

2. Crimemapping.com - This online tool reports a variety of crime activity based on the address you search and distance from the address.   This is a great eye opener to see where recent home burglary/ car break-ins and muggings occur in proximity to your home. You can search by date, distance and type of crime.

3. COMPSTAT, short for computer statistics, provide a basic 'road map' for getting police officers back in the business of actually proactively fighting crime rather than just reacting to it. Click on the green link to view CompStat. 

4. SAFE.org -  SAFE provides free home safety assessments and helps and supports your efforts to  organize a Neighborhood Watch group.   They have over 30 years of experience and are ready to help.  We have a handful of neighbors who have successfully organized neighborhood watch groups through SAFE.                                                     
SAFE provides invaluable city-smart crime prevention tips and reminders for yourself, your residence, business and best practices for safe transit in and around the city.